Applied Coatings Company


EMI/RFI Shielding

EMI/RFI Shielding is not a secondary operation. It's a primary process and it must be performed with the best combination of experience, technology, tooling, and process controls. PF Technologies has been applying conductive coatings since 1981.

Cosmetic Coatings

Decorative Coatings provides our customers with a product image in the market place. PF Technologies decorative coatings expertise offers a wide range of design choices: UV curable coatings, acrylic, water-base, urethane, CARC, soft touch, suede, and textures.

Printing & Die Cutting

Pad Printing is a versatile, state of the art technology which can print graphics on three dimensional parts. PF Technologies offers multi-color sealed ink cup pad printing technology. Our on-site graphic design personnel can provide necessary design assistance.

Vacuum Metallization

Vacuum Metallizing or Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a thin film deposition process in which a material (metal, alloy, compound) is evaporated onto a substrate in a vacuum. At PF Technologies the vacuum metallizing process is used for decorative metallic...

Sub Assembly Services

Value added service at PF Technologies will assemble custom components to your decorated part. PF Technologies will purchase all component parts, verify part quality, manage and control part inventories. We manage the small details allowing you to manage your business.