Execution You Can Trust

EMI/RFI Shielding is not a secondary operation. It's a primary process and it must be performed with the best combination of experience, technology, tooling, and process controls. PF Technologies has been applying conductive coatings since 1981. Using an experienced workforce, with an average working tenure of 12 years, PF Technologies has been successful in providing hand masked prototypes through production-tooled high and low volume production. Understanding what is necessary to support a program based on the experience and dedication of our staff will shorten the time to market for your parts.

High speed flexible robotic work cells with a custom designed fluid delivery system enables us to apply precise coating thicknesses with evenly dispersed metals. Conductive coating application consistency and repeatability are crucial elements to the overall performance of your device. Process Control disciplines that require process monitoring through data acquisition provide the information necessary for on-going continual improvement evaluations. PF Technologies offers other solutions to solving EMI/RFI problems such as Vacuum Metallizing and Die Cut Gasketing. Ask us how PF Technologies can help you with your EMI/RFI Shielding Challenges.

Comprehensive Shielding Solutions

We've built our reputation on doing top quality jobs right the first time. We can help with designing, troubleshooting, diagnosing and even solving application problems with existing designs or production.

Our batch-to-batch production capabilities are unique in the industry. We can match batches that are months or even years apart in production. Not only do you get top quality with PF Technologies, you get more meaningful production data. Hand-masked pre-production and mock-ups provide the information you need. We invite you to tour our facility and learn more about how we can help you.

Contact us for a discussion at (602) 243-6293.

Special Services

Proper application is the focus of the EMI - RFI shielding coating solutions offered by PF Technologies. With PF Technologies you can count on:

  • Consistent applications – High speed, robotically applied coatings for high efficiencies and consistent quality.
  • Maximum surface conductivity – Custom fluid delivery systems to maintain precise metal disbursement in the paint.
  • More choices –Vacuum metallizing and die cut gasketing.
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