For over 30 years, PF Technologies has been the go-to source for coating applications, fabricating, printing, metalizing, and assembly. We work closely with our customers to develop unique strategies that deliver optimal results quickly. Our highly experienced staff provides hand-masked prototypes for high and low volume production and gets parts to market as quickly as possible. This blog post will discuss applied coatings in the electronics industry and the specific services PF Technologies offers. 

PF Technologies Applied Coatings Services

PF Technologies performs cosmetic painting to provide customers with a product image in the marketplace. We have a wide range of design options to choose from including:

  • Acrylic
  • Soft-touch
  • Suede
  • Textures
  • Urethane
  • UV curable coating
  • Water-based

Our facility meets even the most challenging cosmetic specifications. Our class 10,000 air pressured robotic work cells deliver high yields and provide repeatable dry film thicknesses to parts for consistent color and gloss. Thickness data is collected and used for batch-to-batch and part-to-part color and gloss controls. Even if assembling many individual painted parts, there will never be any color mismatches.  

Decorative Benefits of Coatings in Electronics (Cosmetic)

High-performance coatings are used on the most popular electronic products in the world market. These coatings serve several functions, not only enhancing a product’s cosmetic design but also providing an added layer of protection. UV clear coats provide scratch resistant protection for hand held electronic devices. 

For example, the best electronic coatings increase a product’s value by providing an enhanced user experience. They improve the device’s durability and efficiency while also providing the stylish color and design options that consumers value. There are several types of cosmetic coatings used in the electronics industry, such as transparent functional coatings, decorative coatings, as well as conductive inks and coatings. 

Conductive Coatings in Electronics (EMI/RFI)

PF Technologies uses electronic primers and coatings that meet OEM and consumer standards for durability, performance, feel, and color. EMI coatings are a highly adaptable solution that can meet the needs of many applications. EMI coatings allow for flexible applications and can be easily spray-coated onto insulators, enclosures, or other areas. 

Plastic is a widely-used enclosure material, as it is cost-effective and can be manufactured in complex shapes. However, plastic alone is inadequate to protect equipment from harmful EMI and RFI. Conductive coatings are the solution to this issue. Several types of coatings can be sprayed to the inside of plastic enclosures that protect equipment. For example, metal inks containing copper, copper/silver hybrid, silver, and nickel can all be applied with a spray technique and shield against EMI. 

Some additional applications for EMI and RFI shielding coatings include: 

  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Process control enclosures
  • Medical devices
  • Military equipment and devices
  • Motor controls
  • Office equipment
  • X-ray equipment

In addition to this list, there are many other applications for EMI and RFI coatings. 

Secondary Services Offered by PF Technologies

PF technologies offer much more than applied coatings. Some of our additional capabilities include the following services: 

Printing and Die Cutting

PF Technologies produces 1st and 2nd surface printed labels using silk-screen and die-cutting capabilities. We handle the entire label creation process, including multi-color silk-screening, laminating adhesive, and die-cutting. 

Vacuum Metalization

Vacuum metalization, or physical vapor deposition, involves evaporating a thin film of metal onto a substrate in a vacuum. PF Technologies uses this technique to create decorative metallic finishes, reflective coatings, and EMI or RFI shielding. This process can be performed on plastic, glass, and metal. 

Sub Assembly

As part of our value-added services, PF Technologies will assemble the components of your decorated part. In addition to managing the details of subassembly, we will also purchase all component parts, verify their quality, and control part inventory.  

PF Technologies also offers additional services, including:

  • Thermal insertion
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Bonding using glues, solvents, and adhesives
  • Heat staking
  • Gasket assembly
  • Rubber and foam applications

There is a huge number of applications for applied coatings within the electronics industry. These coatings serve many decorative as well as protective functions. To learn more about applied coatings in the electronics field and which specific solution is right for your project, contact PF Technologies today.