Cosmetic Coatings and Cosmetic PaintingDecorative Engineered Paint Coatings

Decorative coatings provides our customers with a product image in the market place. PF Technologies offers cosmetic coatings and cosmetic painting for a wide range of design choices; UV curable coatings, acrylic, water-base, urethane, CARC, soft touch, suede, and textures. Our facility has Class 10,000 air pressured robotic work cells that create an environment to meet difficult cosmetic specifications with high yields.

PF Technologies will work with you to develop a detailed process that will meet your cosmetic and decorative goals.

PF Technologies handles all applications from prototypes to high volume production. Since 1981, our customers have trusted our Arizona-based company to deliver cosmetic coating services on time that meet your specifications.

Cosmetic Coatings Services

  • Substrate Preparation – We offer several options if substrate preparation is required. Plasma surface treatment can provide greater adhesion properties by micro etching the surface to be painted. Primers can be used for greater adhesion properties, conversion coatings for metals and color stabilization. Adhesion promoters can be sued on difficult to adhere to resin substrates.
  • Consistent Applications – Our robotic work cells provide repeatable dry film thicknesses applied to your parts giving you stable consistent color and gloss. Thickness data is collected and utilized for batch-to-batch and part-to-part color and gloss controls. If you program has several painted parts assembled together, you will never have any color mismatch concerns.
  • Design and Troubleshooting – We can work with you to design for manufacturability at the product design stage or we can diagnose and solve application problems with existing designs and production.
  • Work Done Right – You can count on unwavering attention to program details so your job is done right the first time without unnecessary waste and delays.
  • More Choices – Decorative vacuum metallizing, pad printed and silk-screened graphics and images.

Trusted US Based Cosmetic Coatings

PF Technologies will complete your project correctly because we have:

  • Nearly 30 years of experience applying cosmetic coatings
  • Repeatable automated data-drive processing
  • Fully documented process and procedures
  • 40,000-foot state-of-the-art production facility in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Workforce with an average tenure of 12 years

PF Technologies can also help you with your EMI/RFI shielding, vacuum metallization, sub assembly and printing. Tell us how we can help you.